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Daily Archives: August 18, 2011

my grand blog debut

Hello everyone!

My name is Kara. Welcome to Blondie Bakes and Bikes, a blog about my life as a collegiate, health nut, work-out-a-holic, fashionista, and bargain shopper (well, most of the time!).

that's me!

I am beyond excited to meet you, and finally make a name for myself in this big, beautiful blogging world! I have always had an overwhelming interest in eating healthy and working out (I blame thank my mom for that!) so when I found Angela’s healthy living blog, Oh She Glows, I fell in love and have been looking at food blogs ever since!

When I went off to college this past fall, I knew I wanted to major in something health related (my mom being a yoga instructor and my dad, a public health professional). I decided to major in Nutrition Science, because I strive to fuel my body with real, good-for-me foods and would love to expand my knowledge! I am hoping to share my newfound learning with you, my readers, as well!

Although, as I thought more and more about creating this blog, I decided I didn’t want the focus of it on food and nutrition. After all, I am not a registered dietician (only a naïve undergrad) but most importantly, I “eat to live, not live to eat” (one of my momma’s favorite phrases).

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE food. So much, in fact, sometimes I find myself “living to eat” and completely going against said philosophy. But who doesn’t enjoy everyday indulgences?

i'll eat anything dipped in chocolate

cheese please

ciao bella!

I believe in order to maintain a blissful and stress-free life, you must listen to that voice inside your head and treat yourself often. That got me thinking, indulgences don’t always have to be something you can eat. Like chocolate. Or in my case, ice cream.. and peanut butter…

mine mine mine!

me in a previous life

Everyday indulgences can also be:

Buying a new pair of leopard print Steve Madden pumps you’ve been eyeing for ages.


newest shoe model...nbd

Treating yourself to a relaxing yoga class instead of your usual sweaty spin class.


Going out with friends instead of studying for a semi big Chemistry test the next day. {hey you’re only in college once, right?!}

some of my sorority sistas

love my friendzz

i like to have a good time

not to distract from these gorgeous ladies...but j biebs in the background? yeah he's mine. so back off.

So with that being said, I introduce you to Blondie Bakes and Bikes. A big part foodie, but also fitness, fashion, beauty, advice {and everything in between} blog!

Until next time!

Lots of love,