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some things don’t ever change

Hey guys!

This is my second blog post. Oh. Em. Geee.

Okay let’s get down to business.

As a newbie blogger I feel like none of you guys really know the real Blondie. Sooo I’ve come up with a perfect plan for you to get to know the girl behind Blondie Bakes and Bikes. It starts with a little Sound of Music (pun intended)…

Ah ha! Creative, huh? Okay so not really… the following is a list I’ve created of my favorite things (you’re welcome to ask me more in the comments section if you think I forgot some important ones). But I had to add a little pizazz in there so I decided to make it…

My Favorite Things: Then & Now Edition

*get ready for a picture montage as well!*


now! (i've lost my bronzy glow as you can probably tell)

To cook: 

Then: Pizza with dad/cookies with mom.

Now: Breakfast! Favorite meal of the day…sometimes I even have it twice.



Then: Soccer with my friendss.

goooo cougars!

Now: Spin class, running, swimming, weight lifting and zumba!


Then: Mary-Kate & Ashley’s It Takes Two.


Now: Bridesmaids or the Hangover…I’m also very indecisive if you haven’t already noticed!

ahh i love you bradley cooper.

Article of clothing: 

Then: My sparkly pink jelly shoes…that Cookie, my dog, ATE! It’s okay she was a puppy…but I still haven’t forgiven her..

look at my adorable lil sis! can you believe she's taller than me now?!

Now: A tie between jeans and a cute cocktail dress…or sweats…or my PJ’s. No wait! It’s my robe!!!!

i live in this thing.


Then: Pink! Obviii.

so sassy.

Now: Turquoise (but i still have a secret love for pink)!


Then: Watermelon (no tomatoes yuckkk!).

Now: Peanut buttaaaa!


Then: Pancakes.


Now: Pancakes.

i'll love you forever if you make me heart shaped pancakes.


Then: My backyard.

just chillin by the pool.

Now: Santorini, Greece.


our grecian furry friend!

Lazy day activity: 

Then: Watching Saturday morning cartoons with my sis.

Now: Laying out by the pool w/ friends or my sis.

Celeb couple: 

Then: Barbie & Ken.

it's love.

Now: Heidi Klum & Seal.

real life barbie and ken.


Then: Mary-Kate & Ashley.

i still want to be them. but i can't decide who, mary-kate or ashley?!

Now: A tie between Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively & Reese Witherspoon (worst decision-maker at it again).

TV show: 

Then: Sesame Street, Recess, Rocket Power.

Now: Gossip Girl, Glee, Modern Family, So you think you can dance, Project Runway, ANTM, or anything on food network ;).


Then: Fresh Choice (loved the huge salad bar, but always over did it!).

Now: Sunflower Drive-In.

nutty deliciousness.


Then: Christina Aguilera & Trisha Yearwood…preferably “x’s and o’s.”

Now: I’m not picky with my music, as long as it’s not super depressing & metalesque. A song I’m currently loving is…

shout out to my bestie sheeva. "nice to nice to know yaaaa!"

It’s fun to look back at the things you once enjoyed as a child! I have to say though, some of my childhood faves are still favorites, just not my numero unos ;). I still am an active, outgoing, healthy, happy, goofy, country music-loving girl and will always be. Don’t you believe some things never change?

yep. still make this face.

I hope you enjoyed this little get-to-know Blondie post, and I’d love to hear from you! I definitely plan to add a Q&A’s page later down the road, so let me know if you have something you are dyinggg to ask me!



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  1. Literally LOVE this blog Kare!!!! LOVE J.Boog song (Tahoooooooeee mems), LOVE ur robe….why have i never seen it? i want one just like it…., and is this what you work on at work? hahah love you!! <333

    • Ohhh hey “yobestiehannn” thanks for the comment 😉 I KNOW RIGHT?! I just had to put it on there because it is basically the definition of my summer. Haha PINKKK! It’s new (well for college), I don’t know if they still have it though but I know they still have robes so you should go check it out! and yes shhh 😀 sometimes! Love you moreee! Can’t wait to hang on thursday yeeeeee


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