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wiaw + tahoe!


Sorry, I’ve been a horrible blogger lately! Clear Lake was ahhhmazing, and I just moved into my brand new apartment (ahhh! pictures to come, I’m still slowly unpacking).

well aren't we cute.

the roomies! SAKE ❤ (shauna, amy, kara, elana! clever right?!)

Today, my girlfrans and I decided to take a day trip up to Tahoe (school hasn’t started for us yet). We went swimming, tanned, and ate delicious food. The most perfect combo, eh?

the gang

jumped off a couple docks too... we are such thrill seekers!

This morning before heading off to T-hoee, I had a banana with almond butter. The picture I took of it looked absolutely disgusting and unappetizing so I’ll spare you guys ;).

After swimming around, trying to sneak into hotels to use the hot tub (oopsies..), and tanning, we were STARVING. Sunnyside for lunch it was!

the outside!

I decided on the fish taco (so confused to as why there was only one?) and the green salad.

my lone fish taco. doesn't look very good but i swear it was!

green salad with pecans, apples, gorgonzola & dried cranberries

And the other girl’s food…

shauna's green salad with grilled shrimp

elana's chicken sandwich & friesss nom nom

I didn’t get a picture of Hayley’s shrimp tacos or Amy’s fish sandwich but they both looked yummyyy. I definitely recommend the Sunnyside Lodge!

We saw a couple eating this HUGE ice cream cake/pie when we first walked in and we all decided we had to try it. It was between that or the molten chocolate cake…but both sounded incredible. The Hula Pie had an oreo cookie crust, vanilla ice cream, macadamia nuts, hot fudge and whipped cream.



Once we got home, I made my first dinner in the new apartment! I wanted something quick and easy so I had an egg white omelet with s&p and fat free feta, and sauteed kale & spinach with s&p and balsamic vinegar.

mmm delish

All that tanning really took it out of me! I’m relaxing with my roomies plus Hayley watching Cheaper by the Dozen (throwback!!). Loooove.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are having a great week!

Hugs & kisses,


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  1. I never saw any of the clear lake pics! Nice mustache babe ur so hot.


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