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we’re back and ready to attack

Hey babess!

The apartment is not quite finished (aka my room). Pictures are coming soon! We are beyond obsessed with the new place. I’ve been having the time of my life catching up with all my college friends and so-rawrrr-ity sisters before school actually starts (next week eeek)!

This week has been full of frat parties, working out, singing and preparing for rush week (“i wanna be a pi beta phi boom boom!!”), dancing in the apartment, and making delishhh food (DUH).

Here are some pics from the past week/weekend:

Enjoy! 🙂

went to the nugget for lunch! mmm teriyaki salmon, quinoa salad, and green beans!

looooooove them

our first fam dinner!

my plate. salad, chicken, and 2 types of pasta! ahhh drooling

he's a lucky boy

happy brownie!

myspace pic! wow we're cool.

my brekkieee for the last few days

broke into the pool...

Ke$ha is performing here tonight so I’m about to go roll in some GLITTER!!!! Woooo!



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