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wiaw + ke$ha!

Hiiii loves!

It’s gonna be a quickie todayyy.

For breakfast, I had some plain greek yogurt with cinnamon mixed in, strawberries and a spoonful of White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter (found at Whole Foods on sale)! <– MMMM SOOO GOOD YOU MUST TRY NOW. Sorry I failed at getting a picture this morning!

i did manage to snap a picture of the star of the show....seriously addicting

After some singing & dancing at our sorority house (in preparation for rush week), a few of my friends and I walked to Trader Joe’s just down the street.

i had the tofu spring rolls and an apple. delishhh.

kirsten had the egg white salad and an apple. what a cutie patootieeeee!

elana had the chicken santa fe flatbread wrap!

Excuse the not very clear iphone photos!

For dinner, Elana and Hayley and I went to the Nugget because we were cravin their nommy sandwiches! I accidentally deleted the picture of my sandwich buttt it was incredible. My personalized sandwich looked a little somethin like this: multigrain oat bread with dijion mustard spread, grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, cucumbers, red bell peppers, basil leaves, arugula, spring mix, pickles, balsamic vinegar and pepper! It was huge and I enjoyed every single bite! I’m so disappointed I couldn’t share the picture with you guys :(.

Later, Shauna and I tried out a “Booty Barre” class, but unfortunately we were quite disappointed. I barely broke a sweat 😥 and it cost $20!!! This struggling college student was so not down. We are determined to find some fun classes to mix up our workouts! Running is starting to become a bore.

Dessert dessert dessert! A spoonful (or two or three…) of Dark Chocolate Dreams and White Chocolate Wonderful. Fave is definitely the latter.

hi i'm obsessed with you.

Here are some pics from last nights concert! WOOOO Ke$ha rocked!

it's her! was shoved around a ton to get to this spot.

keeee dolla sign haaaa

literally rolling around in glitter..?

That’s it!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Wednesday and had some good eats :)!



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  1. hey, thanks for checking out my blog! you live in cali?? so jealous!! I love california!
    and agreed. WCW pb by peanut butter & co is the best. its my fav flavor. Ive consumed way too many jars of it. Ive eaten 1 jar in 2 days. (oops)
    haha, call me the peanut butter monster! 😉

  2. ummm white chocolate peanut butter?? I need to try now.

  3. livinglearningeating

    I feel like Californians are so different 😛


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