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Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!

Here’s a couple pictchas from my weekend..I didn’t actually celebrate on the day of. I know, shame on me!

a cat and princess peach

mario & princess peach

mermaids! (notice the classy frat house background...ohh yaaa)

fishy faces

mermaid & nerd

my unicorn and army girl!

love my lil gypsy

roomie lovin!

I had a blast but all that fun wore me out! Now I’m just chillin with da roomies studying and enjoying some of this deliciousness…

failed muffins turned into bread pudding!

Recipe to come ;)!

Question of the day:

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

Lots of lovee!


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  1. answer of the day: a cow!

  2. love all of your costumes! I was an 80s girl this year:)

  3. omg you are so pretty! ❤ the costume! 🙂
    I was a sailor 🙂 and an adorable one at that If I say so myself haha


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