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Lily, the love of my life.

While procrastinating from studying for my chemistry midterm tomorrow, I realized that I have not publicly shared the love of my life with you guys! Don’t tell Cookie I said that ;).

well hello there, i'm lily. aren't i the cutest?

i really really like lettuce, preferably romaine.

sometimes i pretend i'm a wabbit.

for fun, i like to sit on my mommy's head.

i will go crazy for strawberries. gimme gimme!

i can't help it that i'm just so adorable.

this is me if i was human. KALE!!!!

this is usually where you'll find me. loungin in my zebra print hammock.

i'm always sweet and innocent.

but sometimes i'll get all up in yo face.

i'm the only one who will give mommy kisses after she's worked out and is all schweatyy.

this is my best non-human friend, cookie. she steals all my dry nasty guinea pig food but that means i get MORE VEGGIES!

whatcha lookin at?

one time, i was stuffed into a sweatshirt pocket.

i didn't like that very much.

i love climbing on visitors.

this is me pretending to be a crouching tiger! just kidding, i'm just munchin on some grass.

Call me crazy, call me obsessed, call me whatever you want. If you don’t find this guinea pig to be the cutest lil thing, I may have to reconsider our friendship. Just kidding. Sorta. Maybe. Kinda.

Back to studying!

Kisses from me and Lily!



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  1. Aw she really is the cutest thing ever!

  2. fortheloveofkale

    Um, she is SO freaking adorable!!! You should win the prize for Best Mommy. 😀

  3. Ah! So cute! I had a guinea pig when i was little and it was the sweetest thing. I loved the grunting/squeeky noises they make.

  4. OMG she’s so fudging adorable! hahahaha and your captions on the pictures are hilarious

  5. elizabeth lundeen

    We miss Lily! Glad to see she is getting lots of love!!! Xoxoxoxo

  6. So stinking adorable! One time I took a baby bunny to the movies in my sweatshirt pocket. Just like Lily. 🙂

  7. Um I love lily! She’s so cute! She looks like a smaller version of one of my chihuahuas. I think we all get a little crazy when we become pet owners;)

  8. Awe!! She is SO cute!!! 😀

    I love your blog Kara!

  9. omg- even the angle that you took the pictures makes Lily look SOOOO adorable!!!!!
    im literally dying. SO CUTE! 🙂

  10. She is SO cute!

  11. How Friggin cute!!!! Ok, we totally had hamsters growing up and they were toted around with us everywhere in our sweatshirts!!! I laughed when I saw your pic 🙂 Ours were just a wee bit smaller 😉

    So Cute!

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