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it’s been a while…hello WIAW! and thanksgiving recap.

Hi lovelies! Hope everyone had a delicious and memorable Thanksgiving. I know I sure did! It was full of nomzzz and my favorite people. Here’s a quick photo recap before I get into what I ate today…ahem…yesterday….

from left to right: turkey, stuffing for the vegs, stuffing for the carnivores, mashed sweet potatoes

roasted potatoes, green beans with slivered almonds, steamed brussel sprouts, carrots, and two weirdos...

the table all set up and plates of my grandma's deeelicious salad

my plate! mmmm drooling

time to eat!

hey grandpa, smile!

Unfortunately I couldn’t wait to dig into the dessert that I didn’t take a picture, but I had a huge slice of apple AND pumpkin pecan pie. And an even bigger scoop of vanilla ice cream, obviously. Oh baybayyyyy.

lil miss cooksters aka the vacuum cleaner hiding under the table


modeling, the ushe.

i got it from my momma.

And that ends the Thanksgiving recap! I wish I had taken more pictures. The yummy cheeses for our cheese + cracker appetizer were placed on colorful fall leaves from the backyard, Kristin and I made the flower centerpieces, and the gravy transformed from a lumpy mess to pure deliciousness! (Secret ingredient(s): everything in the kitchen. Cornstarch? Check. Whiskey? Check. Beer? Check.) Shhh I didn’t tell you that. Anywhoo, I sucked at taking pictures on Thanksgiving. End of story.


Breakfast on this gloomy/foggy/horror-movie-esque day was:

smoothie in a bowl topped with oats, walnuts, raw almonds and cacao nibs!

Late lunch was:

tj's collard greens mix sauteed in EVOO and sliced garlic + tj's chile lime chicken burger + H2O on a cute urban outfitters coaster (gotta stay hydrated!)

Snack was: My favorite kind of apple. A Pink Lady! Mmmm sweet and tart!

Din din was:

tempeh veggie brown fried rice. i used tj's stir fry veggies, tj's 3-grain tempeh, handful of collard greens, an egg, sesame oil and braggs liquid aminos! topped with sesame seeds and grated ginger.

No workout today. Instead I studied and consumed large quantities of these:

can't. stop. eating. them. hoomygod.

Later….after hours of studying (finals week coming up!) slash online shopping slash blog stalking…the roomies and I came up with a brilliant idea.

to mix the best two things on earth: chocolate and peanut butter.

Anyone confused by Skippy’s “Natural” label? I would think natural would mean peanuts and maybe Β salt, but the ingredients also include palm oil and sugar. What’s different about this and regular Skippy?!

anyone down for a late-night chocolate fondue party?!

We made chocolate fondue by microwaving chocolate chips for 1 minute, and made pb chocolate fondue (lighter one on the left) by mixing a huge scoop of pb into another bowl of microwaved choco chips. The featured dippers: frozen strawberries (ehh, not as good as they sounded), bananas, almonds, brown rice cakes, and sliced apples!

the ugly frozen strawberries were not popular.

Sugar highhhhhh + studying = success?!

On another note, I painted my nails today! Aka procrastination at it’s finest. You can’t do anything but sit there and wait for them to dry :).

still goin strong with the ring-finger-a-different-color trend!

Ring finger color: Urban Outfitters Chrome Pewter 1. Other fingers: OPI Russian Navy.

I hear navy nail polish is the new black ;). What do you think? My roommate says it reminds her of a robot. Haha. I think it also looks wintery..?!

Off to bed! I have a midterm tomorrow morning.




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  1. You and your sister (plus your mom) all look so much alike! I just had to point that out… Haha anyways, all of your food looks delicious! I also had two desserts on Thanksgiving which is totally allowed, right?;)

  2. You are obviously a big fan of TJ’s. Guess what? It’s my ABSOLUTE favorite grocery store! I just wanna wipe everything off of those shelves (the vegan stuff) and try them all out! I can’t resist new products, and I have a big soft spot for the eggplant wraps (try them! You’ll be hooked!).
    Your Thanksgiving looked like it was successful, and your puppy-dog is adorable! πŸ™‚

    • Haha right?! I do too! And they just got a TON of new stuff like chocolate almond butter and cookie butter! OMGGGG must try. Oooh! I’ve eyed those before but never tried them! Now I def will πŸ™‚ Thank youuu!

  3. I love your accent nail!! I rock that ALL the time!!!! WOOO HOOO!!

    Your thanksgiving looked bangin’ and your family is so gorg, just like you!!!


  4. Your eats look delicious and I love that PB! πŸ˜› You three look so alike – all lovely. πŸ™‚

    I’m trying to make NaNeFoMo (National New Food Month) happen this fall and I’d be thrilled if you’d join me! πŸ™‚ You can find out more here: and grab the button from my side bar. πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    Your Thanksgiving looks delicious — especially the fondue party! But then again, I’m a sucker for sugar. πŸ˜‰

  6. Can I just say your whole family is gorgeous! it’s like you all took gorgeous pills or something!
    Hope everything goes well on your midterm:0

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  8. Those dark chocolate almonds look amazing! And I love the nail polish! Glad you had a fabulous Thanksgiving, those pics are lovely!


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