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WIAW #13

Happy first Wednesday of May! I can’t believe it’s already that time…I’m almost finished with my second year of college! This  cannot be real life. May is going to be an eventful month: Pi Social (Pi Beta Phi’s philanthropy event where we get pied in the face to raise money for literacy haha!), Cinco de Mayooo, Whole Earth Festival (if you enjoy hippies, henna and delicious vegan food, you’d love this), Houseboats on Lake Shasta, midterms and lots of schoolwork (but that’s a given!).

pi social last year!

after being whip cream pied in the face..

hola amigos!

whole earth festival 2011

HB2K11. so. much. fun.

I’m so happy its MAY!!!!!!

Let’s move on to what I ate on the very first Wednesday of the month!


smoothie in a bowl: huge handful of spinach, 1 c frozen bluebs, 1 scoop vega vanilla protein powder, cinnamon topped with ezekiel golden flax cereal and bee pollen (i’ve been feeling a little sick lately and am not sure if it’s allergies so i picked up some of this at the co op to see if it makes a difference! look out for it on an upcoming freaky food friday..)

After an intense spin class and some weight lifting, (I focused on arms and butt today. Try doing arm circles with 2 lb weights for a minute or two and your arms will be BURNING!) I was so ready for lunch!


salad with chopped apple, cukes, carrot, blue cheese, nutritional yeast, hemp seeds and balsamic dressing & a dr. praegers veggie burger with spicy brown mustard on the side!


another smoothie with spinach…seriously cannot get enough of smoothies these days. they are so quick, filling and easy when you’re in a pinch for time (which i have been!). this one was soooo good. spinach, frozen banana, vega vanilla protein powder, psyllium, cinnamon, spoonful of pb topped with cacao nibs! it tasted like a peanut butter cup!


museli (oats, dried blueberries, raisins, pecans, pistachios) + ezekiel golden flax cereal + homemade almond milk (!!!!) + strawberries. perfect study snack!

I also tried one of these delicious cornmeal pancakes my roomsicle Amy made. Find the recipe here..SO GOOD!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting again this week! Check out all the other bloggers yummy eats at her blog.

Questions of the day:

What was the best thing you ate today?

Have you ever tried a green smoothie/added spinach to a smoothie? What did you think?

What are looking forward to in May?

xoxoxox lotsa love,


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  1. The best thing I ate today was dinner, which consisted of the following:

    salad (tomato, lettuce, cucumber, mushroom and garlic vinegar)
    Whole wheat couscous from Azure, topped with spicey mustard sauce and Trader Joes 21 salute seasoning
    carmelized cauliflower (which is purposly overcooked steamed cauliflower)
    1 Costco-sized Dr. Praeger veggie burger (love those babies!!!!)

  2. ummmm… that snack looks amazeballs! I cannot wait for summerrrrr to see you 😦 😦 when you come home, we must visit sunflower and all our fav restaurants and make all our fav foods! OMG can we make those oatmeal chocolate chip bar things with the wheat flower?? I DIE!! I love you soo much best friend!!!

  3. I’ve been eating smoothies in a bowl like its MY JOB lately too! Especially since its been so hot out! Love your blog 🙂 Cant wait to catch up on a bunch of your posts!

    • i LOVE smoothies in a bowl! it’s such a fun way to mix up breakfasts and yes, especially now that it’s getting warmer! thank you!!! i’ve been busy and haven’t had time to post lately but now that school is almost over i definitely will 🙂 can’t wait to check yours out too!

  4. Best thing I ate today… I got a small box a rice crispys, like the breakfast size who knows where I got it… but anyways I had it for a pre dinner snack. Took me back to being a little kid!


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