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life lately via my iphone

hannah came to visit!

healthy breakfast cookies

green lemonade: kale, romaine, lemon, ginger and stevia!

recent fave and easy meal: veggie burgers, sunnyside up eggs with hot sauce & a variety of condiments

i have a newfound love for hermit crabs

amy and i gettin our spin on

ceej feeding lilypad.. is this not the cutest picture ever?!

persian food feast! nomzz

fruit crumble made with green apple, bluebs, plums, strawberries and peaches

hoomygosh please.

cauliflower crust pizza!

watch out world this guy is 21!

i’m gonna miss this soon-to-be italian!!

falafel burger at Village Grill

tahoe with the sista. before we went on a long bike ride!

my birthday dinner with dad & kristin

taking out all my foodie stuff from the kitchen cabinets & getting ready to move … did all of this fit?!?! sorry roomies #foodbloggerprobz

best creation ever…sweet potato with almond butter, maple syrup, south african smoke grinder (from tjs) and cayenne pepper. it’s the perfect combo of sweet, salty, nutty, and spicy! don’t knock it till you try it!

lily learns to swim! …this picture is from my sister. i did not witness this momentous moment in time 😉

hiking with flowers in our hair

can’t wait to try the Tone It Up girl’s protein powder, Perfect Fit!!!

weekly gourmet dinner with the boyf: bobby flay chicken fajitas with homemade peach salsa!

i had to…essie nail polishes in jazz, set in stones and bikini so teeny

got bored and chalked my hair! i put turquoise, pink and purple in it (you can’t really see it that well in the picture). but it looked cool and only lasts a day!

getting dressed up & enjoying the last few weeks left of summer!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful past couple of weeks! I’ve been meaning to blog but I’ve been so busy with summer school (organic chemistry argghhhhhh), job hunting, and moving out of my apartment into a house! More on that later 😉

Also, most of these pictures are from my instagram. Follow me @kelundeen!

What’s the latest with all of you?!



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  1. come home and cook for us! we are starving haha!

  2. Please never put a guinea pig in water, while they can swim, it can hurt them and/or KILL THEM. Thanks~

  3. Y’all are retarded and need to die like the dumb bitches you look like. Hope that this glitchy blog site gets you hacked in the worst ways


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