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Hello and welcome! Thanks for stopping by, this is Blondie Bakes and Bikes! I invite you to join me in my pursuit of a healthy, happy, fun-filled life. At BB and B, you’ll find anything and everything from:

A bubbly blonde’s stories & adventures

Delicious & healthy recipes

Fitness & diet advice

Fashion & beauty tips

Rants & words of wisdom

& much, much more!

Meet the Blondie behind the blog.

I’m Kara, a college undergrad born and raised in beautiful California. I have been inspired to live a healthy and happy life by my mom, a yoga instructor and certified health nut, and my dad, a public health professional. Both have fueled me to start this blog which I am so very excited about!

A few fun tid bits you oughta know about me:

  • Nutrition Science major attending college in Northern California and LOVING it!
  • Member of Pi Beta Phi sorority.
  • Younger, and embarrassingly taller, sister, Kristin, who often accompanies me in my foodie, fitness and fashion adventures & gets mistaken as my twin.
  • Swimmer, dancer, soccer player, runner … I’ve dabbled in many other sports over the years but those were the only ones where I didn’t make a complete fool of myself ;).
  • Violinist since the age of 3, encouraged by my wonderful Nana Min!
  • In love with working out, shopping, mani pedi’s, trying healthy new recipes, spending time with friends & family, animals, music, researching food & health facts, watching movies, paddle boarding, the beach, hiking, backpacking, swimming, traveling, snowboarding, making to-do lists (#nerd), laughing, spontaneous trips, boating, scrapbooking, anddd more!
  • A few vices I cannot live without: peanut/almond butter, warm gooey cookies slash uncooked cookie dough, fro yo, fruit, veggies & hummus, pesto, fish tacos, salads, ice cream, Burt’s Bees chapstick, the gym, smiling, anything coconut scented or flavored, green tea, flip flops, the fam and my amazing friends.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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  1. ahh! i cant believe how similar we are! hahah all your “cant live without things” (minus the fish) is like, the SAME thing as me!! coconut flavored/scented anything is amazing and I cant live a day without the gym or peanut butter! also, studying with a major of nutrition at college. ha! dont you love how blogs can bring people close together? 🙂

  2. Omg! Love your blog! Can’t wait to try out the recipes…I see you’re a Navitas lover too! Have you tried their Maca Powder?

    • Aww thanks!! I haven’t but that’s so funny that you say that, I was actually on their website today and I seriously want to buy everything! The maca, lucuma, camu, acai…..omg too much good stuff to choose from! And I love that they have recipes on their website!

      • I have! Maca is awesome- throw it in my protein shakes everyday for extra boost – did you know the Inca warriors used to eat the root before going into battle for extra energy and strength?! I have their cacao powder and nibs! I put the cacao in my oatmeal and add to coffee to make a mocha! So good! Love their graphics and branding too. They’re doing a really great job!

      • Oh my gosh! I need some extra energy and strength! I’m definitely buying that stuff asap. That’s such a good idea! I have the nibs and I really like them, not too sweet, just perfect :)! Same, it’s so catchy! My mom would always find me wandering into the raw foods section of whole foods just looking at all the products and wanting to buy everything! They really getcha on the descriptions and benefits!

  3. Haha! Maca really is a superfood! The cacao is great too mixed with maple syrup for extra sweetness! Ha…that literally is me every week. I set aside 2 hours to go to a new WF i haven’t been to! I’m obsessed! Been doing a lot of research on the best energy boosting foods! WF really is amazing though- it’s like the Nordstroms of grocery stores! I’m also a big fan of Sprouts and Mother’s Markets! Do they have those up north?

    • Ooooh seriously I might as well buy all the Navita products…I know I will use them sometime. Hehe! I know I could spend hours beyond hours in Whole Foods! We actually just got a Sprouts in my hometown but since I’m away at college, I haven’t had a chance to check it out! All my friends from SoCal always talk about their love of Sprouts though…apparently it has an amazing salad bar?! I’m so excited to check it out! We don’t have a Mother’s Market though! They have a Co Op here though and it’s kind of like a smaller Whole Foods, but it has a lot of locally grown produce/products! I went there for the first time a couple days ago….and let’s just say, I spent wayyy too much time in there and was wishing I could buy the entire store.

  4. Hey girl!
    Awesome blog! I think we have many similarities, actually! 🙂
    You have a guinnea pig? Oh my gosh, I LOVE guinnea pigs! I wish I had one. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs…. but horses are my first love. Wow, I started playing the violin MUCH later than you (I was 15), so I am now at the intermediate stage, not yet advanced, even though I am in the advanced orchestra group in my area.
    Hope to browse through your blog and follow you!

    • Yes :)! I love dogs too! I used to ride horses when I was younger, my mom is a horse lover too and used to ride them when she was younger. I would love to have my own horse! That’s fantastic! It’s such a beautiful instrument!

      • Ah yes. 🙂
        And you became a vegan, huh? Good for you! Good news: you’ll find plenty of “fake fish” out there, so you can still have your fish tacos! 🙂

  5. I love how much we have in common, i have 2 sisters and my younger is always mistaken as my twin, and is taller than me! 🙂

  6. I was a dancer in HS!
    played violin from 3rd-10th grade!
    I heart gooey cookies too (& brownies)
    fish tacos > any other taco
    coconut anything is glorious.
    the picture on your bike is adorbs!
    you live in cali too! yayyy.

  7. Hi Kara!
    I have presented you with the Liebster Blog Award! Congratulations! 🙂

  8. mission this summer: become a green tea lover. kara guide me!

  9. I would give up an arm and maybe a leg to go to school & study nutrition in Northern Cali!! Love me some peanut butter too – can’t live without it haha

  10. Nutrition Science is a great subject to get into at this time. They are learning a great deal about getting enough vitamin D. Moores Cancer Center is proposing that cancer may be a vitamin D deficiency. Doctor of Public Health, Cedric Garland, says that enough vitamin D will virtually eradicate breast cancer. I study nutritiion and have been doing yoga since age 12.

  11. Wow really? More of a reason to enjoy the summer weather…but with sunscreen on of course!! Awesome! Thanks for the comment!

    • Medicine is a business. What is wrong with sunlight and what is great about sunscreen? Sunlight is free and sunscreen is a billion dollar business. Do you know anyone that would lie and mislead people for a billion dollars, besides Barry Madoff? The Lancet is the world’s leading general medical journal and specialty journals in Oncology, Neurology and Infectious Diseases.
      The Lancet says:

      Sunlight is the main environmental cause of most cutaneous melanomas. Exposure to intense bursts of ultraviolet radiation, especially in childhood, starts the transformation of benign melanocytes into a malignant phenotype. Paradoxically, outdoor workers have a decreased risk of melanoma compared with indoor workers, suggesting that chronic sunlight exposure can have a protective effect. Further, some melanomas form on sun-exposed regions; others do not.

      In England studies showed that the highest rates of skin cancer were among office workers that never got out in the sun. The lowest rates of skin cancer are among lifeguards in Australia.

      Now people do not like Barry Madoff since he cheated people out of billions of dollars. This included many celebrities and many business experts. He was investigated thoroughly by the FBI and they found nothing wrong. He was arrested since he confessed to what he was doing.

      Have you ever played What If? What if you had the powers of Supergirl, what would you do? You can write a blog post on it if you want. Now what if people were able to make billions by misleading people while causing millions more to get cancer like breast cancer?

    • The posts below are in reverse order. So read the bottom post first and then read the posts above it. Have you heard of Christiane Northrup M.D.? She is a board-certified ob-gyn, is a visionary pioneer, beloved authority in women’s health and wellness and the author of the great New York Times best-sellers Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause. She has an article on the Oprah website called Prevent Breast Cancer with Vitamin D. It says:

      “There’s a paradigm shift going on in medicine as new research reveals a far greater role for vitamin D.

      In addition to protecting the bones and boosting the immune system, studies show that Vitamin D helps prevent certain cancers, including breast, ovarian, prostate and colorectal. [footnote 2, 3, 4, 5] Exciting new research shows that, in the United States alone, thousands of new cases of breast cancer could be prevented every year if more women had optimal levels of vitamin D. [footnote 6].

      Have you heard of Joel Fuhrman M.D.? He created the term nutritarian for people that eat nutrient dense foods. He also created the ANDI scale used by Whole Foods. It ranks kale as 1,000– the highest possible. He said the following:

      “For example, last year an interesting study was published that gave about 1000 women 1100 IUs of Vitamin D [not nearly enough] and tracked them for four years. It showed a significant reduction in all types of cancer incidences as the study progressed (including breast cancer)….

      The results were remarkable, the Vitamin D supplements had a very strong effect at preventing cancer development even in just a few years and the corrected blood value for Vitamin D correlated with the protective effects against cancer.6 This study was so impressive because cancer-causation is a process that takes decades, yet in this short time frame, the Vitamin D supplements decreased cancer occurrences by over 50 percent.

      If the study went longer it may have even shown a greater reduction in cancer outcomes. This illustrated that ►if Vitamin D supplements were a drug, and if a drug was ever shown to produce such an outcome, it would be worth zillions of dollars as the most impressive drug ever invented in medical history.”◄

      Kara, what if many years from now, you were credited with helping thousands of women avoid cancer by getting enough vitamin D? Even Supergirl could not do that with her super powers. Dr Oz has a video explaining how vitamin D prevents breast cancer, colon cancer and uterine cancer. I hope that you are doing yoga, Kara. It is a science of raising consciousness.

  12. Does anyone call you Supergirl? As Supergirl, ►Kara◄ Zor-El serves as the biological cousin and female counterpart to DC Comic’s iconic superhero Superman. In 2007, Time magazine chose vitamin D as one of the top 10 medical breakthroughs of the year. In 2010 the RDA of vitamin D was tripled. Vitamin D is actually a steroid hormone.

    In the last 3 years 7 MDs have written 7 books on vitamin D, including Vitamin D for Dummies. One of the MDs is Michael Holick. He is NOW a professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston U Medical School. Before your parents were married, he was making vitamin D and giving it to crippled people who were then able to walk.

    He is a recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the American Skin Associations Psoriasis Research Achievement Award, the American College of Nutrition Award, the Robert H Herman Memorial Award in Clinical Nutrition from the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, the Annual General Clinical Research Centers Program Award for Excellence in Clinical Research and the Linus Pauling Functional Medicine Award from the Institute for Functional Medicine.

    Dr Holick was fired from Boston University dermatology department in 2004 for promoting sensible sun exposure in his book The UV Advantage. In the late 1800s most of the children in Europe and North America had the terrible bone disease– rickets. Vitamin D was not discovered until 1922. So the doctors told the parents to get their children to sunbathe and that helped a great deal. Vitamin D cured rickets.

    Wickipedia says about rickets: “Increasing concern since the late twentieth century over excessive exposure to sunlight causing cancer led to people avoiding exposure to sunlight by themselves and their children by keeping out of the sun, covering up, and using sunblock to such an extent as to cause the incidence of rickets to increase significantly.” Rickets is making a come back. See next post.

  13. So glad I found your blog… I’m also a recent undergrad in Nor Cal (and a fellow blondie!) so I figured I just had to comment! I’m excited to continue reading your blog :).


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