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DIY: Cover a Lamp Shade


How is everyone? Finished up your holiday shopping? Good for you if you have!

I, on the other hand, have not. I still must brave the crowds, the lines, the slow-walkers, and the full parking lot, a few more times before all my shopping is completed. Yay for procrastination.

Another thing I have been putting off is my first DIY post. I had a plain white lamp lying around, and instead of throwing it out, I decided to fix it up!

two lamps from target, fabric and ribbon from joann's fabrics.

(I ended up decorating the purple lamp with the silver sequined ribbon at the bottom of the picture because it looked boring next to the other completed lamp!)

To recover a boring lamp shade you will need:

– enough fabric to wrap around the entire thing

– newspaper

– pencil

– scissors

– clothespins

– pins

– spray adhesive

– Elmer’s glue

– ribbon, lace, fringe, etc.

– patience

– maybe another pair of hands (my wonderful mom helped me out on this one!)

Step one: Lay a large sheet of newspaper on the table. Place the lamp shade on it's side with the seam down.

Step two: Make an "x" where the seam meets the paper at the bottom and top of the lampshade. See my "x" up there?

Step three: Carefully roll the lampshade along the paper as you trace the top and bottom until you reach the seam again.

Step four: On the newspaper you should have two parallel lines (I darkened them with pen so you could see), and two "x" where the seam is. This should make a long rectangle. cut out the rectangle but be sure to leave 1" of space at the top, bottom and seam line.

Step five: Place the fabric face down on a clean, flat surface. Place the newspaper pattern on the fabric and pin the pattern in place. Cut out the fabric, using your pattern as a guide. You may want to iron your fabric after this step!

Step six: Break out the spray adhesive. Be careful not to spray your hands because... You. Will. Stick. To. Errthang.

Step seven: Spray the wrong side of the fabric with adhesive (in sections). Beginning at the seam, lay the shade on one edge of fabric and roll a few inches, smoothing out the bumps and stretching the fabric as you go. Then spray the next section and repeat unti you make it all the way around the lamp.

Step eight: Before letting it completely dry, pull back the edges from the lamp on both ends so that you can tuck them under for a cleaner look.

Step nine: I was generous with my 1" when cutting out the fabric sooo I needed to do a little trimming. This step is unnecessary if you have about an inch or less of fabric hanging off the edges.

Step ten: Lightly spray the fabric that was folded up, and tuck the excess fabric under. Put a thin line of Elmer's glue to hold the edges in place. This step was a bit tricky, so be patient!

Step eleven: Hold down the edges with clothespins and let them dry overnight.

Repeat step 8-11 to the other side so that it looks like this.

Step twelve: Take off the clothespins! WAHOO almost done!

Step thirteen: Hot glue ribbon to the edges or leave as is!

The finished product!

I am so satisfied with how the lamp shade turned out! Do It Yourself projects are my new fave. And from now on, I am going to buy plain lamp shades and jazz them up myself!

Hopefully you enjoyed this little DIY tutorial and are now inspired to create your own lamp shade or really anything else for that matter! It’s amazing how many things you can make yourself for much cheaper than buying from a store. Look on the internet for some DIY ideas..I always feel crafty after a nice long pinterest sesh ;).



home sweet home

Ahhh finals are over! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders because…. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO THAT IS SCHOOL-RELATED FOR A WHOLE MONTH!

Omg. What will I do with all that time?

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest.

Just kidding…

Well maybe. I am sort of addicted.

Wanna see some of my favorites?! I know you do! 😉


golden sparkles

omg stop it now. jaw to floor.


i'm making this.

superdog to the rescue!

also will be making these.

spaghetti squash with spinach, feta, basil & white beans! yummz

words of wisdom


colorful cake

cannot get over how freakin CUTE this rat is. yes, i said it rat = CAYYUTE.


If you don’t have Pinterest, I would definitely recommend getting it if you enjoy being easily distracted, are feeling hungry, or want to let your creative juices flow and get crafting! I tell ya, after spending an hour on pinterest looking at DIY things, I always feel the urge to craft. I guess this break is my time to do that! You have to be “invited” to Pinterest (no idea why) so if you would like to be invited shoot me an email and I’d be more than happy to invite you!! My email is And don’t blame me if you become an addict ;).

Ahhh, I love being home!!! Recipes and more posts to come…

peace & love