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my favorite skinny margarita

I may be mistaken to be younger than my 18 year old sister quite often (I swear it’s just the height difference!!) BUT I am of legal drinking age. Lately, I have been sippin on these homemade skinny girl margaritas! I promise you, you will not miss the preservative-filled, high-sugar, 500 calorie per serving (could be a bit of an exaggeration) sweet and sour mix that is used in most margaritas!

Blondie’s Skinny Girl Margarita

makes 1

2 squeezed limes

2 oz. tequila (I like patron, but let’s be real…I’m a college student so that only happens when I go home!)

touch of agave nectar (I get this at trader joes)

Shake up and serve over ice with a slice of lime! So refreshing and perfect with a yummy fajita night dinner!


Enjoy & let me know if you try them out!